Does Having Sex Help you Sleep Better?

Scientific research reveals the mutual bond between good rest and regular sexual relations, linked to the segregation of hormones linked to sleep and desire. We delve into the subject.


Depression and Sexual Relations

We know very little about depression, and even less if we stop to think about the amount of myths that circulate about it. Well, one of the aspects that most influences is sexual relations and in this article we talk about it.

Do you Know what Bud Sex Is?

Bud sex is a new concept in the field of sexual relations. It is a term used to refer to the sexual practice between heterosexual men for mere pleasure and that, in addition, claim their status as heteros.

Sexuality and Privacy in the Era of Fetishistic Robots

Although many may surprise us, puritanical mind through, the fact is that sex is one of the most outstanding engines for innovation that exist: it has been one of the first industries to adopt virtual reality massively in pornographic content, to manage the online phenomenon to get appointments or to exploit features such as Snapchat’s self-destruct messages.