Paracelsus, Biography of an Alchemist and Dreamer

So great is the historical importance of Paracelsus, that an asteroid and a lunar crater bear his name. His life and work inspired great poets such as Goethe and Borges. He is considered the father of modern toxicology.


A Tribute to Eduard Punset

Eduard Punset was optimism, was curious and was passion for knowledge. Few scientific disseminators likewise spread us the desire to learn, to immerse ourselves in the field of psychology, astronomy, anthropology, etc. Today we say goodbye to him.

What is AIDA Mission?

An asteroid approaches the earth at great speed. NASA and the European Space Agency have in their hands the possibility of avoiding thousands of deaths thanks to the so-called Mission AIDA, but do you know what it is and what is it?

The Effects of Caffeine on the Brain

Many of us find it difficult to start the day without our first morning coffee; The effect of caffeine on the brain seems to give us that extra energy we need to get into action. But is this a negative cost to our body? Or maybe caffeine has more benefits than we think?

The Bilingual Brain

How does language learning affect our brain? His knowledge opens doors for us in the world of work; however, how it affects us at the level of cognitive performance. In this article we will delve into the subject.