The Gordian Knot and the Ability to Face Life with Originality

Sometimes, life leaves us trapped in those Gordian knots as complex as distressing.


Hacking your Brain

Is it possible to hack the brain? Although it sounds like science fiction, it is possible to change thoughts and emotions.

Imaginary Engine: a Surprising Effect

The imaginary motor is a hypothesis that defends the existence of a mechanism through which a person can get to strengthen their muscles just by thinking about them. Today we talk a little more about this curious phenomenon.

Color and Personality: How do they Relate?

For each individual, color and personality are two preferences or trends that are related; taste over certain colors often correlates with certain personality patterns. Learn about such an interesting link in human psychology.

The Bilingual Brain

How does language learning affect our brain? His knowledge opens doors for us in the world of work; however, how it affects us at the level of cognitive performance. In this article we will delve into the subject.

Kelly’s Fixed Role Technique

The technique of fixed role is used so that the patient, by assuming a fictitious role, explore and learn new ways of constructing reality and can stay with those that are more functional in his life.