Erostratus Complex: Art of Appearance

To more appearances, more excess of deficiencies. That is at least what is hidden behind the so-called complex of Eróstrato, an increasingly common phenomenon where the classic postureo hides in reality a personality lack of self-esteem when striving to pretend what one is not.


Spiritual Alchemy: Transforming Pain into Evolution

The ancient alchemists were looking for a substance called “philosopher’s stone” to transform lead into gold. In spiritual alchemy, perspective is that substance that allows us to convert difficulties and deficiencies into constructive contributions.

The Sadness of the Elephants, a True Story

The protagonists of the story of the sadness of the elephants are Lawrence Anthony, an African conservationist, and a group of rebellious elephants with whom he lived and whom he spoke to as if they were human.

The 7 Ways of a Zen Monk

The interesting thing about imitating a Zen monk is that this represents a way to reach a greater spiritual evolution. This translates into a quieter and simpler life, which in turn makes us more productive and creative.