Perfection in a Love Relationship

There are many who seek perfection in the relationship of a couple. It is an idealist position, which implies an important degree of intolerance and lack of emotional resources to process difference, contradiction and conflict.


Prosthesis Love

When prosthetic love appears, we have fallen into emotional dependence. In search of a love that helps us along the way, we stop loving ourselves

Love Changed my Life

Love changed my life. And it did not do it once, but each and every one of the occasions in my life that I fell in love with… Love has always been able to work in me the most unexpected miracles.

Money and Marriage, a Difficult Combination

Statistics indicate that money and partner are a sensitive issue. Money and its handling is one of the most frequent causes of divorce and one of the most common conflicts after this. The best thing is to be frank and direct from the beginning.

Reencounter with a Lost Love

Reencounter with a lost love revives sometimes, according to the anthropologist Helen Fisher, our feelings of longing and passion to restart a story that we consider unfinished.

Can you Hate the Person you Love?

Hating the person we love is normal because human beings are inhabited by the paradox. When love is genuine, hatred becomes an episode that can be processed without significantly deteriorating the affect towards the other.