Islamophobia is a Global Problem

The attack in New Zealand shows the consequences of the anti-Muslim speech of the extreme right.


What Happens now with the Brexit? Understand it at a Glance

Yes, we know it. The Brexit is chaos. If you have taken a look at the latest headlines, you will have read that in order to approve the orderly departure from the United Kingdom, the British Parliament has to approve the agreement that it has not wanted to approve twice. Yes, that is, everything is about approving or not approving.

Algeria Rises Against the Eternal President Bouteflika

Tens of thousands of Algerians overflowed the streets of the country today to protest the decision of its president, Abdelaziz Buteflika, to aspire to a fifth consecutive term, wrapped in national flags to signal their patriotism and rehearsed songs rehearsed in the stadiums.