What is the “Click Gap” that now Incorporates the Facebook Algorithm

Facebook has announced new measures to reduce the appearance and proliferation of false news in the social network in the last week, but among them there is one that especially calls attention because it involves including a new signal in the algorithm that uses the platform to establish the order in which the news in the social network is shown to each user.


Instagram Mistakenly Shows Stories to Strangers

Instagram has experienced a bug this week that shows users the stories of strangers. The problem was reported by numerous users on Twitter and Instagram, and the authorities of the social network confirmed the error in the system, which has already been resolved.

Facebook Recreates Population Density Maps

Facebook has resumed a project that began in 2016 to create maps with population density. In this case, the technological giant has focused on developing maps that detail the surface of Africa and its uninhabited areas, for which it has counted on the help of Artificial Intelligence.