United Kingdom will Fine Social Networks that do not Eliminate Harmful Content

The UK government has been working on a bill that would grant Ofcom, the government telecommunications agency, the possibility of fineing large social networks.


5 Yoga Poses for Children

The type of activities that we target our children is very important. Swimming, karate, theater, painting… there are endless disciplines that enhance the skills of the little ones.

Learning from the Unexpected

Learning from the unexpected is essential to establish our knowledge of the world. This capacity, as shown by the research, is already present in babies as young as 11 months.

The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood

Most of the stories that were left to us by both the Grimm brothers and Charles Perrault, were collected from those local legends and traditions that throughout the Middle Ages, traveled all over Europe. Among them is that of Little Red Riding Hood.

How to Help a Child who Feels Unsuccessful

A child who feels unsuccessful is the one who renounces fighting for what he wants. The one that feels defeated, before having tried it. It depends on their parents to reorient that position to themselves and to life.