LinkedIn Launches its Own Reactions, which Mimic those of Facebook

Since Microsoft bought LinkedIn at the end of 2016 the platform has been criticized constantly that it has evolved to become a kind of Facebook but aimed at the most professional audience.


Why do we Get Confused Between Left and Right?

We are many who confuse the left and the right. In fact, it is estimated that almost 20% of the population has problems making this discrimination automatically. The reason for this is in a very specific area of ​​our brain: the angular spin.

Facebook Recreates Population Density Maps

Facebook has resumed a project that began in 2016 to create maps with population density. In this case, the technological giant has focused on developing maps that detail the surface of Africa and its uninhabited areas, for which it has counted on the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The Remnants of Google+ are Called Currents

Google began to delete the content that users had posted on Google+ on April 2nd, and the truth is that the company has been in a hurry to finalize what was their social network, because there is no trace of what was.