Techniques to Encrypt Web Data

Encryption is the transformation of electronic data in another form so that it cannot be understood or interpreted easily by any person, or even certain software, except those authorized and who know the encryption.


What is an Internet Server

It is possible to access a multitude of information and services with just a “click”, since the Internet facilitates the search of data, images, documents and visits to web pages, in just a few seconds.

What is Structured Data?

Data that the company owns is one of the most valuable assets available. Specifically, these data and the ability to generate useful business information for decision making is, in the end, the true value.

Multidimensional Databases

Multidimensional databases are generally used to create OLAP applications. They are made up of several tables of facts and dimensions. In this way, each dimension table contains a simple primary key that in turn composes the primary key of the fact table.

What is OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)?

OLAP is the acronym of Online Analytical Processing. It is a solution used in the field of the so-called business intelligence whose objective is to speed up the consultation of large amounts of data. It uses multidimensional structures (or OLAP cubes) that contain summarized data from large databases or Transactional Systems (OLTP).