“Bitcoin will be Bigger than Facebook Itself,” According to the Winklevoss Brothers

The billionaires, handsome and famous twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, owners of the successful Gemini crypto platform, believe that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general will end up being bigger than the social networking giant Facebook.


TikTok will Soon Release its Own Games

A few days ago we commented that Snapchat was about to launch its own video game platform, in which developers can create their own titles for users of the application. But it will not be the only app with an eminently youthful audience that will be filled with games in the coming months.

This is Stadia, the Google Video Game Service

The “War of Video Games” has only just begun. In recent days we have seen how Snapchat announced an open video game platform, where developers could create new titles, and how TikTok will also launch their own proposals shortly… but both movements seem little compared to the blow on the table that ends to give Google.