A startup or start up is a company initiated by individual founders or entrepreneurs to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. More specifically, a startup is a newly emerged business venture that aims to develop a viable business model to meet a marketplace need or problem.

The Startup for Lactating Mothers in which Apple has set Attention

LactApp is a startup dedicated to the care of women during maternity through an app capable of solving queries in an automated and personalized way. The app exceeds 2.6 million queries handled thanks to artificial intelligence.


Where Would Mark Mobius Invest a Million Dollars Today?

We must abandon traditional markets belonging to developed economies because they have and will have the wind against them for at least a generation. Its economic growth is and will be anemic, and its aging and unproductive demography supposes and will suppose an insurmountable burden so that the future quotes of its companies grow.

Fast or Slow? Being a Successful Entrepreneur

The speed, the stress and the intensity in the activity in the businesses are possibly the viruses of which almost nobody speaks in the companies. The author of the article declares himself in favor of finding the balance between the fast and the slow at the time of undertaking.