Running Reduces Brain’s Size

Among the benefits of running we can find that: it reduces stress, improves cardiovascular capacity, reduces the risk of suffering diseases, and so on. But like any addiction, runnorexia has negative consequences for health.


The Lamarck Theory and the Evolution of the Species

“For centuries, the question of how different forms of life have been emerging has been a question that has fascinated humanity. Myths and legends have been created around this question, but more complete and systematic theories have also been developed.”

The High Cost of Being Gifted

The intelligence that characterizes our species has allowed us to perform incredible feats and never before seen in the animal world: build civilizations, use language, create very broad social networks, be aware and even be able to read the mind.

REM Sleep Phase: Why is It Fascinating?

Today, a large majority of the population knows or has heard about the concept of REM phase or REM sleep. We know that it is part of our dream and that, at least, it presents some differences in regards to the rest of the dream, non-REM.