What is a Connectome? The New Brain Maps

As we will see in this article, the concept of connectome is born to help us understand the internal logic of something as complicated as a brain.


The Evolution of the Human Brain

Our brain is one of our most complex and important organs, as well as one of those that later on to finish developing (and that without taking into account that throughout our life we ​​do not stop creating synaptic connections).

How Does Stress Affect the Brain?

We have all read or heard about stress, a natural response that, if taken too much, can affect our health, however, do we know what happens in our brain when we suffer stress?

Appreciative Coaching: the Power of the Image

“Appreciative coaching is a type of coaching that is based on appreciative inquiry, a methodology of change that helps discover the strengths of a person, group or organization, and helps to recognize, capitalize and use those beliefs and behaviors that have been useful.”

Psychology of Music, the pending subject

Art, entertainment, business… Music is a very significant part of our society and, being a subject traditionally undervalued in our schools, we have not hesitated to build a very powerful formal education environment around this discipline.