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Cold and Calculating People: their 7 Characteristic Features

A review of the characteristics of this type of people, to recognize them easily.


Stress Changes our Personality

Irritability, bad mood, negativity… Stress also changes our personality, it takes away shine and impulse and even turns us into someone we do not like, into a person full of apathy, without patience, pessimism and without motivation.

Neurobiology of Impulsive Aggression

During the first half of the 20th century, studies were conducted in cats, specifically in a region of the posterior hypothalamus. It was determined that, as this region was destroyed and separated from its connections with centers, it made an aggressive behavior of rabies disappear.

Concentration as a Key to Connect with the Present

We are not used to being present in the present. In most cases, our body is, but not our mind. We have become accustomed to distraction, to multitasking and to developing partial attention that results in the total disconnection with our interior. The practice of concentration can help us solve this problem.

Missing things Frequently, Why?

When someone tends to misplace things relatively frequently, there may be something that is dispersing their attention, or that this is due to an unconscious desire that, for that reason, has not been able to identify.