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Smartphone, the Essential Tool for Entrepreneurs

The smartphone is one of the great technological advances of recent decades. The wide range of functionalities that it offers and, particularly, the possibility of having all those possibilities in any place and at any time have revolutionized our way of life. 


Privateaser, the Best Way to Find a Place to Celebrate your Event

Whether you need to find a place to hold a meeting with your clients, a good location to organize a team building with your colleagues, a large space to organize a presentation… as if what you want to celebrate is your birthday or organize a Party with your family and friends… you will need to find the right place to develop that unique moment.

What is the New Copyright Law Approved by the EU?

More than two years of negotiations, rejection by large Internet companies, criticism from some associations of Internet users… the reform of the Copyright Law has not been easy and has generated much controversy, but the plenary of the European Commission just approved the provisional agreement of the new European copyright directive.

Doing Business in France, Cultural Traits

France is a market of 67,5 million consumers, with a high purchasing power and a tendency to moderate but regular growth. In addition, according to the World Bank, France ranks 29th in the world in terms of ease of starting a business in your country, but is it easy to negotiate with French companies?