Fabulous Quotes by Gastón Bachelard

The most captivating of the phrases of Gastón Bachelard is the impressive way in which he manages to configure a whole universe of ideas, in a small number of words. Also his ability to poetize any rational idea.


Love Changed my Life

Love changed my life. And it did not do it once, but each and every one of the occasions in my life that I fell in love with… Love has always been able to work in me the most unexpected miracles.

Algeria Rises Against the Eternal President Bouteflika

Tens of thousands of Algerians overflowed the streets of the country today to protest the decision of its president, Abdelaziz Buteflika, to aspire to a fifth consecutive term, wrapped in national flags to signal their patriotism and rehearsed songs rehearsed in the stadiums.

Amelia Earhart: Biography of a Symbol

Almost every time we find Amelia Earhart’s name in the news, it is to discover new clues about the possible whereabouts of her remains and her plane. But today we want to be interested in life and not the death of this extraordinary woman who opened the doors to millions of women.