World Happiness Day: Words from Different Cultures that you Should Know

We review five interesting words that allow us to know the meaning of well-being and happiness in different cultures such as Japanese, Swedish, Dutch or Danish.


The 11 Rarest Books in History

We left the conventional shelves of bookstores and took a look at the most crooked, strange and curious works of literature. In them you will find from invented languages ​​to letters of the alphabet totally absent.

Sexology and Erotic Desire

Sexology has a lot to say about erotic desire. The complexity that surrounds this fact makes it one of the most interesting. More and more sexology professionals are showing interest in investigating it.

The Impact of a Stressful World

The human being has an innate tendency to normalize the situations in which it is involved. That is why it is sometimes difficult to identify the impact that this stressful world in which we live has on our health.

The Sadness of the Elephants, a True Story

The protagonists of the story of the sadness of the elephants are Lawrence Anthony, an African conservationist, and a group of rebellious elephants with whom he lived and whom he spoke to as if they were human.

Russian Doll: Contemporary Nihilism and Complexity

Russian Doll is a fun and entertaining series that circumvents conventions. He laughs at everything and draws the current urban model to later immerse us in the complexity of the people who inhabit it. In the form of a loop and with a certain black humor, we discover a story that goes from laughter to the supernatural.