Aspasia de Mileto: Biography of the Beautiful Hetaira

Aspasia de Mileto was a teacher of rhetoric and lore, seems to have been the only woman in classical Greece who distinguished herself in the public sphere. Being a free and independent woman, unlike an Athenian wife, also meant that she was attacked, ridiculed and vilified.


Last Laugh: the Stereotypes of Old Age

Again in the hand of Netflix, today we are going to analyze a film that has just been released and that, like almost all interesting stories, shows us a reality quite far from the more or less accepted clichés.

How to Treat Acne Scars

As if breakouts weren’t bad enough, acne scars can haunt you your entire life. We spoke to West Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. Roger Tsai, MD to get his expert advice on the best ways to treat them and leave acne in your past

Cruella de Vil: Between Adoration and Hatred

Cruella de Vil is one of Disney’s villains that has generated the most admiration. Her unrepeatable image and extreme evil make it a perfectly constructed character. But it hides much more… Actually, Cruella is giving us a good dose of the hypocrisy of our world.