Who Decides the Brexit

Conservative deputy Anna Soubry, one of the voices defending a second referendum in the United Kingdom, says she does not approach the subway platform in case someone pushes her to the road.


Can Saving Lives be a Crime?

Is saving lives a crime? Should it be to look the other way?… Three Sevillian firefighters from Proemaid were tried in Lesbos to save hundreds of people in Greece.

The Brexit in Conference Calls

Much talk of the pound as the great Brexit thermometer (British exit of the European Union), but the reality is that after the strong correction suffered in 2016 by the surprise of the referendum, the sterling is moving in a relatively narrow range.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Dystopia is Us

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, far from being a classic dystopia, has gone a step further, experimenting with new forms and adapting to a new consumption. It has aroused so much interest that some users are drawing maps that lead to possible endings of the film.

Living in Fullness, an Important Decision

Living in fullness is not a state, it is a process where we understand that we are more than what we have done or achieved. It is what we bring with us, it is to appreciate our magical essence and to understand that we are a very precious good.