Brief Biography of Stalin

(Iosif or Jossif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, also called Josef or Joseph Stalin, Gori, Georgia, 1879 – Moscow, 1953) Soviet leader who ruled the USSR steadily since 1929 (the year in which he became the successor of Lenin after Trotsky’s exile) his death in 1953.


Advantages of Protecting your Home in Summer

To be able to enjoy one hundred percent of a quiet holiday, we must be sure that our house is safe. The best option to be unconcerned and keep our house protected are the alarms for home. An unnecessary expense or a tranquility? Let’s see what are the advantages of these increasingly popular devices.

Inclusive Education: a Safe Bet

Inclusive education aims to enable all people to participate actively in the training process itself. From the students themselves, through teachers, parents and ending in society as a whole.