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The KiVa Method: a Strategy to end Bullying

Bullying or “bullying” is a repeated form of violence that produces damage to the victim at different levels, from social relationships to self-esteem.


Stanley Kubrick: Biography of a Genius

Stanley Kubrick is one of the filmmakers who has given more than talk and not only for his great talent, but for the mythical image you have of him. What’s true and what’s false? What are the keys to his immortality?

Hachiko, Always at Your Side

The movie Always by your side, starring actor Richard Gere, shows us the great love of a dog towards its owner. It is based on a true story about Hachiko, a Japanese dog of the Akita race who, after the death of his master, was waiting for him for 9 years at the station where his owner used to take the train daily to work.

The Apartment (1960)

C. Buxter (Jack Lemmon) is an office worker in an insurance company whose only ambition is to get a better position in the oligarchy of the firm.

The Kinsey Bomb, the Revolutionary Report on Sexuality

Have you seen the movie “Kinsey” starring Liam Neeson? Well, it’s about the university professor expert in cinipids, a type of wasps; As original as his specialty was the appearance of this teacher, something outdated for the time, dressed in suits and bow ties out of step at that time; But what really interests us here is why he rose to fame.