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Superman: Red Son, Hero of the Workers

Some of the best comics of Superman are the autoconclusivas, that do not require knowledge or previous readings. Red They are perhaps the best of them all.


Sor Juana: Biography of a Rebel

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz is one of the most interesting figures in Latin America and the seventeenth century. Not only for his great work as a poet, but also for the values ​​of rebellion, disobedience and struggle for equality that he embodied in himself. A woman well ahead of her time, who did not fit into the molds that society tried to impose on her.

Stanley Kubrick: Biography of a Genius

Stanley Kubrick is one of the filmmakers who has given more than talk and not only for his great talent, but for the mythical image you have of him. What’s true and what’s false? What are the keys to his immortality?