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Marcel Proust, Biography of the Writer of Nostalgia

Marcel Proust isolated himself from the world at 37 years old. Asthmatic and weakened, he sought refuge in his room to write and evoke every lived moment of his past, which he reflected in his work “In search of lost time”.


I, Daniel Blake: the Common Man

What happens when we stay behind in the system? How does unemployment affect certain ages or sectors of the population? Do governments protect those who need it most? I, Daniel Blake narrates the asphyxiating reality of the common man, immerses us in a dead end street from which it will be very difficult to escape.

Annie Hall, Neurosis and Comedy

What is laughter? How is the comic produced? And, above all, what is happiness and how to achieve it? Annie Hall is a comedy of characters whose narrative and cinematographic wit make it one of the best comedies in the history of cinema. Laughter and psychology go hand in hand in this Woody Allen film.