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Rasputin, the Decadence of the Romanovs

Surely the most enigmatic character of the, already enigmatic, Russia of the early twentieth was Rasputin. Authentic paradigm of his time, and symptom of the disease that dragged a belittling Romanov dynasty, once glorious.


Personality in Culture

According to Jahoda, among the Ashanti, when a child is born (the same is not true for girls), the name of the day on which he was born is given. The name refers to the kra, the soul of the day. This implies disposition toward a certain type of behavior.

Brokeback Mountain, a Love Story

We would like to pay homage to Ledger with another of the titles that marked his career, Brokeback Mountain, an Ang Lee movie released in 2005 and in which Ledger shared a cast with Jake Gyllenhall, Anne Hathaway and with whom he would become his wife and mother of her only daughter, Michelle Williams.