History is the study of the past as it is described in written documents. Events occurring before written record are considered prehistory.

Nostradamus, the Most Famous Prophet

The name of Nostradamus has been linked to his divination skills. As is common in these cases, detractors and believers differ in their interpretation of their writings. In its history is the key.


Brief Biography of Stephen Hawking

(Stephen William Hawking, Oxford, 1942 – Cambridge, 2018) British theoretical physicist. Despite his physical disabilities and the progressive limitations imposed by his degenerative illness, Stephen Hawking is probably the best-known physicist among the general public since Einstein’s time.

Brief Biography of Francisco Franco Bahamonde

(El Ferrol, 1892 – Madrid, 1975) Military and Spanish dictator. After participating in the failed coup d’état of July 18, 1936 and leading the victory of the rebel forces against the Second Republic in the subsequent Civil War (1936-1939), established a dictatorship with fascist reminiscences that lasted until his death and that would give name to a whole period of modern history of Spain: the Franco regime (1939-1975).