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Melanie Klein and Child Psychoanalysis

Melanie Klein made extraordinary contributions to the understanding of childhood psychism and the development of therapeutic techniques with children. He also introduced valuable concepts. She is considered one of the most important psychoanalysts in history.


Russian Doll: Contemporary Nihilism and Complexity

Russian Doll is a fun and entertaining series that circumvents conventions. He laughs at everything and draws the current urban model to later immerse us in the complexity of the people who inhabit it. In the form of a loop and with a certain black humor, we discover a story that goes from laughter to the supernatural.

Psychopath Women: How are They?

Although there are fewer psychopathic women than men with psychopathic personality disorder, they also inhabit our society. They are more sibylline and manipulative, and in some cases, they can also commit violent acts.