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The Law of Weber-Fechner

One of the most important contributions of psychophysics and the study of perception.


Rebecca: the Story of a Ghost

Hitchcock was one of those matchless filmmakers capable of manipulating the public. We believe what he wants us to believe and, at the key moment, he will drastically turn our beliefs and we will discover the deception. Rebecca was the director’s first film on the other side of the Atlantic, what did he really want us to believe?

Best Quotes of Bob Marley

In the quotes of Bob Marley we find a sweet and loving stance towards life. This Jamaican musician promoted a philosophy in which inner peace and hope should predominate, over and above other human values.

Assertive Children, Happy Children

Happiness is not having many toys or receiving a “yes” to each demand. Happiness comes with satisfaction, self-esteem and a good self-concept. That’s why assertive children are more confident, cheerful and able to relate more competently.