Google Flights will Reimburse Money for Flights that Change Prices

The end of one era is the beginning of another, and Google is the proof of that.


The end of one era is the beginning of another, and Google is the proof of that. After closing Google Trips, its travel app, the technology giant has launched a series of new functions to make trips. Among them, the company has incorporated a tool called Travel that guarantees, temporarily, the price of a flight.

With its new Travel platform, Google will allow you to organize flights, itineraries and travel activities.

From now on, if the price of a flight drops once you have purchased the tickets through Google Flights, the company will refund the difference. In this sense, the price difference will only be refunded if before the purchase Google has not sent a notification indicating that the prices would go down.

The refund system will work very simply and will not involve any action by the user. To do this, once the user has purchased their ticket on Flights, Google will continue to monitor your destinations and flight dates. If the system detects that there was a reduction in prices, Google will immediately send a notification to the user’s email and will proceed to reimburse the money automatically.

At the moment this function will only be available on flights departing from the United States and that have been purchased between August 13 and September 2. However, it is possible that the function will then be extended to other countries and on other dates.

Together with this, from now on, if you receive an email with the confirmation of your flight through Gmail, you can see your itinerary reflected in Google Travel, and the platform itself will give you suggestions on hotels, restaurants and activities to which you can to go. In addition, if Google does not add the trip automatically, the platform will allow you to include it manually.

Other changes also allow users to see descriptions of the neighborhoods where hotels are located, information about the average price of a room and more information that facilitates the process of selecting a hotel. Even the Travel platform will take into account your searches of points of interest to suggest a hotel that suits you and also resembles other hotels in which you have booked.

Finally, Google Maps has also introduced new changes to improve the travel experience. First, the app will allow you to access the flight information and hotel reservations offline. And, in addition, the app has launched a new address system with augmented reality, which greatly improves the user experience when it comes to locating in a new place.

In general, all these changes seek to grant more alternatives and functions for users when embarking on a trip, so that they do not need the old functions provided by Trips.