The Security Chief of Mark Zuckerberg, Accused of Sexual Harassment

Liam Booth, head of personal security for Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has been accused of sexual misconduct and making racist and homophobic comments about Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Priscilla Chan, and members of his team. The security chief has been denounced by a former domestic employee of Zuckerberg and by a former assistant of Booth himself.

“Liam Booth went on to say that Mark Zuckerberg’s wife did not know how to drive because she was a woman and Asian.”

Liam Booth, who was also an officer of the US Secret Service during the term of former President Barack Obama, reportedly made sexual connotations and demeaning comments against a family employee because of his sexual orientation. This same employee would have suffered from Booth harassment in a Japanese food restaurant. Former employees of Zuckerberg and Booth also accuse the security chief of harassing a woman on his team, even forcing other staff workers to warn the worker that she should change clothes because “it was distracting them”.

The controversy does not end there. Liam Booth is also accused of making racist and macho comments for claiming that Zuckerberg’s wife does not know how to drive because she is a woman and Asian. In addition, he would also have said that he does not trust black people and that the lives of whites are more important than those of blacks.

The Zuckerberg family began an investigation with outside lawyers to clarify the facts and have therefore separated Booth as reported by marriage spokesman Zuckerberg, Ben LaBolt. The plaintiffs seek financial compensation for the emotional distress that the security chief has caused them.

The environments of large technology companies are not immune to this type of behavior. Last year it became known that Google had fired 48 employees for sexual harassment. Google reported these behaviors in the company and argued that they would do everything possible to ensure that workplaces are increasingly safe.