Pinterest Adds New Features to Celebrate LGTBI Pride Month

Pinterest rises to the wave of the celebrations of the month of Pride.


Pinterest rises to the wave of the celebrations of the month of Pride. The party has become one of the most important dates of the year and social networks like Facebook and Instagram have taken advantage of the pull offering specific functions for its users.

“Pinterest will add a rainbow text filter in your searches and will place the best collections of Pride pins among the first searches.”

In the case of Pinterest, the platform for image collections, which has recently reached 265 million users, has announced that it will add its own characteristics during the month of June, given the degree of interest that Pride celebration has gained among its users. in recent years. According to the social network, people are already looking for inspiration to celebrate the LGBTI Pride, as looks for the parade or other products to celebrate their identity in this international festival.

This popularity has been increased in the last year, with a rise of 2930% from June 2016 to June 2018, according to data shared by Pinterest in a graph that shows the evolution of searches by years.


In particular, the platform has drawn up a list of the most sought after elements by its “Pinners”, of which inspiring phrases and memes, as well as ideas for the parades, such as “Outfits of Pride”, “Make-up for the parade”, “Gay Pride”, “Pride Phrases” and “Bi Pride” as more repeated elements. Take note of the companies that want to advertise on the platform of the increase in these other searches:

Bisexual Pride Makeup + 108%
Tattoo on Pride’s ear + 680%
Pride Stickers + 182%
Pride Shoes + 116%
Rainbow braids + 77%
Costume Pride + 85%
Rainbow nails + 194%
Ideas for marriage proposals. For lesbians + 66%. Rainbow rings + 130%


To meet the demands of its users, Pinterest has announced that it will add, as it did in 2018, a rainbow text filter that will appear automatically in all searches related to the Pride. In addition, the platform will place the best collections of Pride pins in the first search results.