How to Reduce your Stress Level in 14 Seconds

During the day we can have problems that alter our nerves. Therefore, today we show you a trick to reduce your stress level in 14 seconds.


Having a discussion with a co-worker is more common than we think. These situations can get on our nerves, and even, it is possible that we spend many hours without being as productive as we should be.

What can we do to calm down in a stressful situation? Experts recommend, first of all, talk to a friend.

But, what if we do not have one nearby? According to a new study published in Nature Human Behavior, the best thing we can do to regulate our mood is to remember good moments that have happened to us.

Mauricio Delgado and Megan Speer, responsible for the research, subjected 134 subjects to a stressful situation to put them to the test. In this way, they were asked to dip their hands in ice water while they were being recorded.

They were all like this for 14 seconds, but some of them were told to think of positive experiences (like visiting Disneyland), while others were asked to think of something neutral (like packing for a trip).

The group that “mentally visualized” pleasant memories said it felt good, but not only that, but they found that they had increased by 15% the levels of cortisol, a hormone released by our body to reduce the level of stress.

To know exactly what was happening in their brains while facing these two situations, the scientists decided to repeat the process with a second group of subjects while performing a brain scan.

Thus, the scientists showed that those who thought of positive memories increased brain activity in the frontal regions of the brain, which regulate emotions and cognitive control.

But this has some “buts”. And is that this trick to reduce the level of stress only works in mentally healthy adults, since it does not work for people who suffer from depression.