Twitter will Add Support for GIF, Threads and Surveys in Tweetdeck

Twitter has announced the release of some of its functions for Tweetdeck.

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Twitter has announced the release of some of its functions for Tweetdeck. In the coming days, the social network will activate local support for GIF, surveys and emojis for the account management tool of the social network on the desktop.

“Modifications of Tweetdeck have not yet been released officially and, currently, are only running as trial versions.”

Along with this news, Twitter has announced that it will also launch a support for threads and tagging images directly from Tweetdeck.

These elements have been available on Twitter for years. However, the company tends to delay the incorporation of updates or elements in Tweetdeck, one of the most used management tools in the world with Hootsuite.

In this sense, in order to receive feedback from users, Tweetdeck’s Twitter account has published a survey for users to vote for those elements or functions they wish to incorporate into the platform.

As we mentioned before, the modifications have not yet been officially released and, currently, they are only running as trial versions. However, it is very likely that the changes will take effect in the coming months.

Twitter has a long tradition of buying products that gain popularity on its platform and then incorporate their services into the app. This situation lends itself to the company ignoring the developers, leaving aside the elements that initially made the service popular.

An example of this is Vine, the well-known video app, which, after being bought on Twitter, stopped working with the creators of content and began to lose revenue until it was forced to close.

However, TweetDeck, acquired by Twitter in 2011, is still maintained as one of the bastions of the alternative use of Twitter.

In fact, the company has never expressed its intention to close the app. In addition, efforts to keep it updated, even sporadically, indicate that Tweetdeck users can continue to enjoy the app for a while.