The British Royal House Seeks Community Manager

At 93 years of age, Queen Elizabeth of England is looking for who brings her social networks.


At 93 years of age, Queen Elizabeth of England is looking for who brings her social networks. The British Royal House has published an offer of employment to find a Director of Digital Communications who “finds new ways to manage the presence of the Queen on the Internet and social networks.”

“The Community Manager of Queen Isabel will pay about 34,000 euros per year.”

The monarch, who opened her Instagram account this year, needs a Community Manager to manage her personal accounts. As detailed in the offer of employment, the person in charge of carrying out his digital presence will have to cover his visits of state, deliveries of prizes, real commitments … and he will also have to write articles for the new website of the British royalty.

“You must know that your content will be seen by millions of people,” says the job description, which states that the person, who will be in charge of interacting with the audience on behalf of the royal family, will join a dynamic work environment, in which you will have to manage the monarch’s networks together with a small group of digital specialists.

In addition, of course, the designated person will have to perform monitoring and analytical tasks of the actions that are carried out, always exploring new technologies to incorporate into the communication strategy of the British Royal House.

And how should that person be responsible for carrying the social networks of Queen Elizabeth? According to the job description, a person with university training and experience in the development of digital communication strategies, creation of content in social networks, knowledge about analytics and 2.0 tools, and full of new ideas to implement in different platforms. Experience in segmentation of content for different audiences, excellent writing ability and knowledge of photography and video for social networks are also requirements that will be assessed in the application.

If you are interested, you have until May 26th to present your curriculum. And important, the salary that is offered is, according to the candidate, but close to 30,000 pounds per year (about 34,700 euros) and other supplements are also provided such as pension plan, 33 days of annual leave and free lunch.