Twitter will Redirect Searches on Anti-vaccines to Official Websites

Seeking to fight against the wave of misinformation and conspiracy theories that have stalked the subject of vaccines, Twitter has implemented a new function that redirects users to awareness pages when they do a search on vaccines.

“Twitter will block automatic search suggestions that may lead to tweets about the anti-vaccine movement.”

In particular, Twitter redirects users to, the page of the health department of the US government. However, it is believed that the link may vary depending on the country where the search is made.

At the moment, this function is active in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Korea, both for iOS and Android applications or for Twitter Mobile.

In other regions, such as Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, the function is only activated in its desktop version, that is, through

The modification has been announced in a blog post on Twitter, where its managers explain: “We are committed to protecting the health of public conversations on Twitter. Ensuring that individuals can find information from official sources is a key piece of that mission »

In addition, to guarantee the effectiveness of this function, the social network will block the automatic search suggestions that may lead to tweets related to the anti-vaccines movement.

The spread of deadly diseases, following the success of the anti-vaccination movement in social networks, has been one of the main concerns of the large technology companies in recent months.

In fact, like Twitter, other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram have already launched their own mechanisms to stop misinformation about vaccines or, at least, make access to such content more difficult.

In this sense, Twitter has adopted procedures very similar to those used in another problem of great concern for social networks, such as suicide and self-harm.