Instagram Closes Direct, its Instant Messaging App

Instagram has announced the closure of Direct, its independent instant messaging application. The company launched it in December 2017 following the same strategy it developed in Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Basically, the idea was to “force” users to use this other application when it comes to conversations on Instagram.

“Instagram Direct was launched experimentally in some countries in December 2017.”

However, that movement was never made and users have been able to continue developing their Instagram conversations as they have done up to now. In fact, Direct was not even available in all markets, but could be used experimentally in some countries such as Portugal or Mexico.

Now the company announces that Direct will cease to exist and is beginning to show users informative signs when they open the application. The users that used it will not have to do anything, since their conversations will continue to be integrated into Instagram, so they will not lose any kind of content.

The measure is understood within the new Facebook strategy in terms of its family of messaging applications. The company is already working on a large project to integrate the messaging systems of all its apps. This will allow that from next year users can send a message through Instagram, for example, and answer it from WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger … since the systems will be interconnected with each other.

In this context, it no longer makes sense to “force” users who want to use Instagram messaging to download an additional application to use this function. Since all the systems are going to be integrated, the logical thing is to close an application as Direct, which, moreover, was not used by the general public.

It is not the only movement that we will see in this regard in the coming weeks, since Facebook is carrying out numerous changes in its messaging systems. Facebook Messenger, for example, has already presented its web version, very similar to WhatsApp Web, and will be released soon. Another step in the integration of platform systems.