Instagram will Be More Restrictive with the Purchase of Likes and Followers

It seems that in the end Instagram will implement more stringent measures to avoid the buy-sell of “likes” and followers that, until now, has been a usual practice on the platform. The permissiveness of the social network has made it common to see ads that advertise the sale of bundles of followers and likes for ridiculous amounts, but apparently Instagram is determined to end this practice.

“Instagram does not want users to be obsessed with the number of likes.”

This is what the latest discovery that the code researcher Jane Manchun Wong has found by analyzing the social network’s programming reveals. Instagram would be testing a system to discover users who have carried out unethical practices in this regard.

The company has already included in the code of the application certain warning messages that would appear when there was evidence that a user has made a fraudulent purchase on the platform. For example, users who would have used third-party applications to buy “I like” or followers would be shown.

These posters would indicate that the company is aware of the illicit practices of the user: «You have shared your username and password with an application that offers likes or followers. Using those applications is against our standards, so if you continue to do so your account could be affected, “is one of the messages that is already in the Instagram code.

In addition, it would be followed by others of the type: «Change your password to prevent those third-party applications can continue to access your account» or «Use external applications to gain followers is not allowed».

In the absence of an official confirmation by Instagram about these notices, it is not known when they would be shown or how many times a user has to breach the rule so that their account is affected. Neither in which way would he do it, if the followers would be eliminated and “I like” obtained illegally or if the account would be suspended directly.

Instagram is not about the task of users artificially inflating their figures. In fact, in the last few weeks he has already carried out another interesting test, which involved the elimination of the “I like” data from the publications, so that the users do not live “obsessed with the like”.