Errors in Digital Business Customer Service

Customer service is the best way to know if your company meets your expectations, to take the pulse of your consumers and to detect possible failures in the service or product. There are companies that know it and have it in mind. Carlota Pi, co-founder of Holaluz, said that the people in charge of the founding team are in the habit of putting themselves at least two days a month in customer service, as a strategy to detect possible errors and know what the client wants on the street. As a result, they affirm that 29% of the new clients that arrive to them do so through the prescriptions of others that they already are.

It is not always necessary to go to this extreme, but devaluing the service is usual in many digital businesses, especially after achieving some traction. These are the main mistakes that, according to some experts, commit ecommerce:

  1. Reduce it to a vending service: The first and most common failure, as shocking as it may seem, is that many just for the sake of setting up a digital business, with all the indications and ways to use it on the web, consider that they do not need the department customer service Those who proceed in this way equate the business with a vending service where all they have to do is procure a product or service to the client, without more. The problem is that not all websites are as accessible, usable and simple to understand as their promoters are thinking and there may always be questions in the client or problems in the navigation or payment procedure. Does anyone imagine that they will buy a € 14,000 car and that with the delivery of the technical and driving manual the service ends?
  2. Phone that does not work: Another frequent error is to put on the page a contact number that nobody else then answers. If you include a customer service number on the page, you have to make it very clear what the opening hours are for the public. Failing that, it should be available 24 hours a day. It could also be the case that the customer called at a time when saturated lines are. In this case, the recommendation is to activate a message in the voicemail that warns of this incident saying the approximate waiting time and, if what you say is that you will return the call as soon as possible, do it.
  3. To think that any customer service solution is worth for any digital business. Solutions such as chatbots, contact forms, instant messaging through whatsapp or a virtual exchange can be very useful to solve this service. The problem arises when you think that everything goes for everything. Not so, you have to take into account what is being sold, the type of customers you deal with. If what you sell is, for example, medical treatments or financial services, the normal thing is that the user has doubts before contracting it, it is not the same as if you sell an already elaborated product, as they could be vinyl or any other tangible, are the examples what he puts in this case. Another variable that must be taken into account when deciding on one or another solution is the volume of customers with whom you deal, the traffic and the catalog you have.
  4. Do not satisfy the doubt. This is one of the aspects that most frustrate customers. This does not mean that the person who answers the telephone can not have any doubts about the query being asked, but, rather than leaving the client dissatisfied, it is preferable to say that they will consult and return the call later. It is true that customers usually appreciate a quick response, but they prefer to wait rather than stay with the mystery, in which case, most likely they will abandon the purchase and never try again.