Day: May 12, 2019

Is your Company Ready for a Cycle Change?

Experts agree in emphasizing that it is practically impossible to anticipate a change in the cycle of the economy. However, regardless of when it occurs, it is something for which we should all be prepared.


How to Use the Portrait Mode in Instagram Stories

The world of technology has its own tendencies and portrait mode is one of them. This mechanism to take photos has become one of the great stars of the iPhone camera, is also available on Android and has now also been adopted by apps such as Skype and, more recently, Instagram.

The Addams Family: the Beauty of the Macabre

The Addams family is one of the most iconic of television, its success is such that it has adapted in countless ways and over decades. What are the keys to your success? Why do we like to laugh at terror? What is beautiful about the cult of death? In this article, we will try to bring some light in the midst of so much darkness.