Google Plans to Merge GooglePlay Music and YouTube Music

Google has broken its user record on its music streaming platforms: YouTube Music and Google Play Music have finally reached 15 million subscribers in total.

“Google’s streaming apps already double the figures of other companies such as Pandora.”

In spite of everything, Google’s streaming apps are still far from reaching Spotify’s 100 million subscribers and 50 million Apple Music subscribers. They are the leaders of the streaming market and already exceed the numbers of users of social networks such as Twitter and Snapchat.

However, Google’s efforts have helped reposition their streaming apps, doubling the figures of other companies such as Pandora, which has just under 7 million users despite being one of the first apps to emerge within the industry. music streaming

In addition, the advances of YouTube Music just one year after its release, could pose a threat to the future for Apple Music, who dominates the US market, in which YouTube is usually well represented.

After YouTube stopped betting on its original content, which can be seen free with ads, the company has focused all its monetization efforts on YouTube Music’s triumph.

In parallel, Google has used the launch of its new streaming app to revive the success of its sister, GooglePlay Music. For this, Google has proposed the future merger of both platforms. In this way, they would encourage Play Music lovers to bet on the new service and, at the same time, this would allow them to merge the functions of both apps to guarantee a more complete experience.

In this sense, Google has already tried to migrate certain aspects of GooglePlay Music to YouTube Music, however, the experiment has not been so successful, at the moment. In fact, a few weeks ago, YouTube Music enabled a function to store locally stored files on its platform, just like the popular Google Play function did.

However, the function within YouTube has a very limited character and does not allow adding local files to playlists, something that was possible with GooglePlay Music. These variations in the migration of functions have made users question whether the merger of both streaming apps is the best solution, but because it seems that Google is not willing to change their mind.