These are the Mobile Phones that Won’t Support WhatsApp in 2020

WhatsApp could stop working properly some terminals as of December 31st this year. The main affected are smartphones with Windows Phone operating system, but this decision will also have consequences for some phones that work with Android and iOS.

“Mobile phones with Windows Phone operating system will not receive updates of WhatsApp next year.”

This decision will mean that WhatsApp will stop offering product updates and security updates. Neither can create new accounts or verify those that already exist, although the messaging program will continue to work on affected phones.

This will happen with all versions of the Windows Phone operating system. WhatsApp had already withdrawn support for Windows Phone 7 in 2016 and did the same in Windows Phone 8 in 2017. Now, starting in 2020, it will not offer support for any version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, a company that also withdrew the Support your product in 2017.

WhatsApp is not the only company that cuts support for devices with Windows Phone operating system. Facebook and Instagram also did it recently. However, the measure will also affect some Android phones.

Devices that use Android versions 2.3.7 or earlier will not be able to use news from the messaging platform as of January 1, 2020 or receive security updates. On that same date, WhatsApp will also stop providing support for iPhone with iOS 7 or earlier versions. This could cause in some cases the messaging program to stop working properly in these operating systems.

It is not the first time that WhatsApp leaves to different operating systems without technical assistance or improvements. In 2016, the company already left without support to BlackBerry devices, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, as well as phones with Android 2.1 and 2.2.