Instagram will Set a Maximum Number of Infractions to Close an Account

Instagram will incorporate a new rule when determining when an account should be deleted.

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Instagram will incorporate a new rule when determining when an account should be deleted. The social network will establish a determined number of infractions that, when exceeded, will suppose the suspension of the user’s account.

“From a set number of infractions, Instagram will remove an account.”

Until now, Instagram had in mind that the number of illegal publications did not exceed a certain percentage of the publications made by the user. This meant that users who made many publications had the possibility of committing more infractions than those who published less before being blocked, which was unfair.

From now on, Instagram will take into account that a certain number of infractions is not exceeded. Any user, publish what you post, will be removed from the social network if you exceed the limit of permitted infractions.

Instagram will not reveal the number of infractions that will allow, so that users do not change their behavior patterns taking into account whether they reach the maximum allowed or not. Neither will it reveal the period of time in which that number of infractions must be committed in order to avoid suspicions.

A few weeks ago, Instagram added new rules when it comes to reporting publications. In fact, enabled the possibility that if a user believes that a publication had been unfairly removed by the social network, could claim for the company to review the reasons for the elimination. In case an error had been made, I would publish it again.

Instagram has also started to use Facebook fact-checkers to review the content posted by users. These employees of the firm are dedicated to verify the veracity of the photographs, as well as their suitability regarding the conditions of use of the platform. They are also responsible for reviewing the contents reported by users and, if necessary, for eliminating them. From now on, when that certain number of deleted publications is exceeded, the account will be suspended, publish with the intensity that you publish.