First Versions of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), the Blockchain for SMEs

There are already companies that offer this technology with a model equivalent to SaaS so that they can adopt small businesses.

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The own developments are quite out of reach of SMEs by price. But it is a little closer to them with the BaaS products (Blockchain as a service) that are almost ready to go to market.

One of the companies that develops this type of products in Spain is iCommunity Labs. “We have detected about 20 cases of use of BaaS for companies that can be made to give them value and we are developing them as they are requested by customers. Today, we have developed a demo and two proofs of concept, having 20 lists will take two or three years”. “The objective is to design a platform for verticals. of written documents and images, which is the part that we have more advanced, and we are starting to develop another one of food traceability for wineries and oil companies.They are tools that can be adapted to all types of companies with a personalization part. To reach SMEs, which do not usually have a technological development department, in 9 or 12 months we want to have solutions in the market, but we are not talking about tools Like the traditional SaaS, which can have a monthly cost of 30 or 50 euros, but of technology that requires a layer of adaptation to each company. And that puts them at prices of 9,000 to 50,000 euros. We also want to attack public administrations because it is a sector in which the blockchain has some brutal applications. For example, in transparency in public expenses, adjudications, citizen participation…”.

Something that will only be possible when there is an extensive public blockchain network (for the moment, most projects are being developed in semi-public or private environments). But even in this aspect there are already palpable projects: the Government of Aragon has created the first public tender on blockchain technology.


“In food traceability there are many more applications, for example, one of our customers is a strawberries producer in Huelva, he has asked us for a solution because many times, when they send orders, they arrive at the wholesaler damaged and we do not know how or who It is the fault, there is a conflict of who assumes the compensations, with blockchain this is solved because through smart contracts we certify that this product came from origin in conditions and that the responsibility is not the collector, but it could have been a failure of the supply chain, the logistics, it is identified, we can know who was responsible and who is the one who has to compensate the recipient”.

“Another client that is a facility managment, a company that is dedicated to the maintenance and restoration of buildings, manages many buildings and may have conflicts with the work parties.When a customer is invoiced, they have no way to prove in a reliable way that The blockbuster has disappeared, we have assembled a solution with which we are certifying all its parts of work, the owner of the building, when he wants to check the work done, goes to the block chain and can see when that part of the work has been done, who has done it, where it has been done, at what time, etc.”

“We are also talking about wine and oil cellars because there is a lot of fraud and a lot of counterfeiting in one sector as well as in the other.” With blockchain, the quality of their products can be valued, and the customer can know what the grape is from. , which person has collected it, how it has been maintained, if the cold chain has been maintained, that the corresponding process has been applied… Everything is completely traced so that the end customer can access this information thanks to a virtual label that can read with a mobile”.