Love without Borders

Love is a feeling we experience towards another person, that to which we wish all the best and to which we feel a special connection. Although it is true that this may or may not be reciprocated. And even when it is, there are a large number of obstacles that can influence the relationship and deteriorate it if its foundations are not solid, if the bond that has been created does not stand on safety and firmness. One of the most feared and complex is distance.

Distance always seems difficult. That the contact with the other fades suddenly or simply that it never existed is a barrier that must be faced. Because loving without borders is possible, although it is not an easy path. This requires awareness, effort and emotional management. Next, we explain what love without borders consists of, how to maintain it and what its benefits are.

There are relationships that are like prisons, they lock us up and others with wings that take us away, they help us grow… Love without borders is like that, free, respectful and trusting.

Characteristics of love without borders

To love without borders means to break walls, overcome difficulties and advance in harmony. It is a healthy and intelligent love, a love that nurtures, allows to grow and goes beyond distances.

This type of love can be understood in different ways. As something literal, that is, as a love that remains, despite the fact that the person you love is in another place or as a mature love to face the difficulties that arise.

Thus, love without borders consists of learning to cope with what happens and we can not control, it also implies putting everything on our part so that the circumstances that occur do not impede love. For example, although we want to be close to someone, sometimes it is not possible, but it does not imply that love can not flourish.

How to maintain a love without borders?

While it is true that love without borders is not easy, there are some paths and strategies that will make this situation more bearable. They are the following:

  • Self-knowledge. If we know each other, we have an idea of ​​how we can act in difficult situations. In this way, being aware of where we are and how we behave is fundamental to love without borders, really.
  • Patience. It is about tolerating adversities with strength, without letting ourselves be carried away by impulses and understanding that sometimes the passage of time is necessary.
  • Learn to be independent. The love that leads to dependence is a toxic love. In order not to need the other, it is important that we have our space, our time. Regardless of whether our partner lives in the same city as us or we are separated thousands of miles away.
  • Assume our decisions. It is about that we acquire responsibility over ourselves, about what we think, feel and do. That is to say, that we accept our decisions and choices and the consequences derived from them.
  • Creativity. If it is a matter of distance, why not generate ideas that help to be closer? The options are multiple, the important thing is that we feel comfortable.
  • Express our feelings and thoughts. Sometimes, we lock ourselves in and we do not show what we feel or what we think, but a love without borders implies the opposite. Although it is not necessary that we always express it to others, there are more options. For example, dancing, exercising or painting are activities closely linked to the emotional universe.

Now, love without borders is not a love without limits. The distance can keep us away, but that does not mean that we can not hurt. You have to know how far we can go with the other and how far we can go with us, respect first and foremost.

In addition, to love without borders someone is necessary to love ourselves. Then we can establish healthy relationships with other people. For this, we can be in tune with the other, through an assertive communication and in this way enhance harmony.

Benefits of loving beyond distances

Loving without borders has great benefits such as the following:

  • Learn to manage our thoughts and feelings.
  • Control our actions
  • Take charge of us.
  • Assume with responsibility our decisions.
  • Improve self-knowledge
  • Acquire greater harmony.
  • Increase tolerance
  • Increase respect.
  • Improve self-esteem

Love as, says psychologist Walter Riso, is for the brave. It is a flower that must be caught on the edge of a precipice. Therefore, we do not allow it to become toxic. Let love without borders help us discover another way of wanting, that allows us to be as close to us as to others. Of course, you have to have courage to get it and perseverance to keep it, as it is of great care.

To love without borders is not to forget what we are to go beyond distances and not believe ourselves the center of the universe. Therefore, we must be in tune with both ourselves and the other. To love without borders is to learn from mistakes and obstacles from affection, strength, understanding and harmony.