How to Improve Productivity and Protect your Business against Targeted Attacks

2018 was the year in which there was a greater number of security threats in history and the forecasts for this year are not at all promising.

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2018 was the year in which there was a greater number of security threats in history and the forecasts for this year are not at all promising. Cybercriminals are increasingly sharpening their tactics and in 2019 will launch even more attacks and more sophisticated, aimed especially at corporate environments: malware attacks, ramsonware, phishing, attacks on the cloud…

The situation is critical for all types of companies, but especially for small businesses and self-employed workers, for whom the security of the business is fundamental. A targeted attack could harm your overall activity and severely affect your growth or reputation, driving away customers and potential investors.

Traditional security solutions, such as having an antivirus installed, are no longer enough to defend against malware. And neither of the new threats. Therefore, the challenge in cybersecurity is now based on the detection of suspicious behavior that, still using legal tools, can alert us to a possible incursion into our system. No single security solution can guarantee total protection in this context, therefore, the combination of tools, or specialized security layers, is the most effective means to protect against any threat.

Precisely the security over any type of illegitimate actions lies in the conception of the Panda Adaptive Defense model, since it is capable of monitoring, classifying and categorizing the absolutely active processes (100%) in all the computers of the corporate network. Therefore, if someone intends to perform some action, we will know instantly, finding out in addition to where it comes from, how he tried to do it and what he intended. In addition, the response and remediation capabilities allow us to react even before the effect occurs.

Remember that 99.98% of the processes are classified automatically, but behind that 0.02% there are people. Analysts who, thanks to the 100% Attestation service, end up with the Detection Gap, ensuring the reliability of all running processes and allowing them to react in terms of prevention, detection and response against known and unknown malware. In addition, the Threat Hunting and Research service refines our Machine Learning system, alerting users of anomalous activities and behavior of users, applications and devices.

And it is necessary to remember that Panda Adaptive Defense is not a product, it is a cybersecurity platform that integrates Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions, with the services of 100% Attestation and Threat Hunting and Investigation, all provided via a single and light agent. And the combination of these solutions and services provides a detailed visibility of all the activity in all the endpoints, an absolute control of all the processes in execution, and the reduction of the attack surface.

Thanks to this combination of services and tools, such as Threat Hunting, the PandaLabs team has been able to analyze and study Bondat’s family, the invisible worm, studying its characteristics and discovering what attacks this worm had previously made. Brute force attacks were detected on a list of websites in WordPress to infect them with Trojans, the downloading of miners to generate cryptocurrencies, and DoS attacks against the NRA (National Rifle Association of the USA).

Precisely the latest trends in Threat Hunting will be one of the thematic protagonists in the Panda Security Summit (PAS2019) to be held on May 23 in Madrid. The event is composed of a series of lectures on advanced cybersecurity that will be the European meeting point for all technology professionals. In them, among other topics, the global state of cybersecurity will be studied in depth and the latest trends in threats, attacks and techniques for analyzing and monitoring threats will be analyzed.

This type of meeting is essential in a very changing environment, in which every day new security threats arise and in which, for any company, not being able to prevent a directed attack, detect threats, contain them and offer an automated response against any advanced threat, malware, phishing… can have catastrophic consequences that represent a major setback for business growth. Investing in the best security solution is to invest in productivity and in the development of the company on a global level.