Best Apps to Entertain Yourself While you Wait

There are many moments in life where you have to wait. And if you think about it, they are usually those moments where the expression ‘a waste of time’ is justified.

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There are many moments in life where you have to wait. And if you think about it, they are usually those moments where the expression ‘a waste of time’ is justified. Well, for this, as in many other things, technology and the internet come to our aid. Let’s review the best apps to hang out in those moments of total boredom.

– Online games
– Reading Apps
– Movies and series
– Others

Online games

This is perhaps the most likely section of all. There is more to go to the online store of any mobile operating system, such as Google Store or App Store and check that the vast majority of applications are games. Many of them obviously paid, others free and the vast majority with payments within the application.

But in addition to this type of games, we find others in which it is possible to earn some money, like those in which you can bet. And in spite of the possible prejudices, it must be said that one of the best options is a Russian bookmaker. 1xbet has a license to operate in the Latin American and Spanish market and, therefore, it is perfect to bet while waiting from any place and from any device. You just need to have an internet connection.

Reading Apps

Throughout life, reading a book has been one of the favorite leisure activities for people who spend good times waiting, either in the rooms prepared for it, (the wait), either by being punctual in a meeting with friends or either on the subway while the station arrives to get off.

The problem with books, perhaps the only one, has always been to occupy space, and sometimes too much. In this sense, technology comes to help us, allowing today to be able to carry thousands of books in a single thinner screen. Thus, whether in an eBook, on a tablet or on a mobile, thousands of people are already waiting to read a book without having to carry a book.

For this, reading applications are essential, and they are getting better and better, offering an experience close to the traditional book with the advantages of the internet. That is, the bookstore to buy books is in the same terminal as where they are read. Thus, apps like Wattpad, Kobo Books, Kindle, Fnac eBooks or iOS and Android reading apps, are essential for any lover of stories written today.

To these apps must be added those that allow you to listen to books, a new way of reading, such as Audible or Audiobooks and those that offer the option of saving articles from the web to read them later without the need of a connection and with a good format of reading as they are Pocket or Instapaper.

Movies and series

The other great option so that the wait does not become eternal is to watch a movie or a series during the tedious space of time that is presupposed. And now it is possible. Something that a decade ago was seen as impossible, now is not only possible, but it is within the reach of anyone. You just need to have a mobile device, something that everyone has today, an internet connection (or even that, since it is possible to download chapters or entire movies before leaving home) and an account in one of the many platforms that are available.

Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Movistar +, Atresplayer or Mitele allow you to see virtually any production at any time and from anywhere. And many of them at a great price or directly for free. It is a new form of television consumption that can make waiting much more enjoyable.


In this section you can enter many more options available on any mobile device. Thus, you can use music apps such as Apple Music or Spotify, applications to watch videos of all kinds such as YouTube, apps to enjoy live streaming as Twitch or applications to listen to thousands of podcasts such as Ivoox, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn Radio, Pocket Casts or Podcasts Go.

In short, who gets bored waiting for a mobile is that, or has no idea of ​​technology or has seen everything in life and has no more to do. Waiting is no longer a door open to boredom, so arriving on time to a meeting has already become something totally dispensable and unimportant. Perfect for the chronic unpunctual.

Above all, try to watch the world outside of you smartphone and you will discover plenty of amazing things!