How Much Money Does Jeff Bezos Earn per Second?

Last October of 2018, Amazon announced its plans to increase the minimum wage of the company in the US. UU at $ 15 per hour, more than double the federal minimum wage at $ 7.25.

Currently, the average annual salary of Amazon workers in the US UU it’s 28,466 dollars.

But neither Amazon’s minimum wage increase nor the average annual salary of workers is close to what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, earns, according to Forbes.

We have calculated the annual earnings of the Amazon CEO by finding the difference between the net assets of Bezos for 2017 and 2018 (calculated in October of each year) as provided by the Forbes 400 list. But how much does that translate to per month? , or even per second? Of their annual earnings, which we determine at 78.5 billion dollars, we calculate how much Bezos earns in smaller installments.

Business Insider has previously calculated Bezos ‘annual and hourly earnings using Forbes’ annual list of billionaires, published each March, but we have updated these calculations using the latest Forbes 400 list, published on October 3.

This estimate of Bezos salaries is being used for comparison purposes. A large part of its wealth is linked to Amazon’s actions, which can increase or decrease its value at any time.

At the annual earnings rate calculated by Business Insider, – once again, an estimate based on the change in interannual net worth indicated by Forbes – Bezos has earned 6.54 billion dollars a month, more than 1.5 billion dollars a week and more than 215 million daily, in the last 12 months.

Per hour, it earns a whopping $ 8,961,187, roughly 315 times the average annual salary of $ 28,466 from Amazon in the US. An Amazon worker who earns the minimum wage of $ 15 per hour would have to work approximately 597,412 hours , or 24 hours a day for approximately 68 years, just to earn what Bezos earns in an hour.

The Bezos hourly rate is equivalent to $ 149,353 per minute. To put things in perspective, Bezos gains in a minute more than three times what the average American worker in the year ($ 45,552, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

In a second, Bezos also earns more than twice what the American worker earns in a week: $ 2,489 compared to $ 876, respectively.

For Bezos, time is money. A lot of money.