8 Examples of Creativity and Innovative Thinking

Several examples of creative thinking, some of which have changed the story.

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Creativity is undoubtedly one of the most valued capacities today, both in the workplace and on a personal level. And it is a capacity that allows changes to occur with respect to the above, for better or for worse.

What is creativity? Can we think of someone who is so that he can help us understand it? In order to respond to this last question throughout this article we will see examples of creativity, many of them great geniuses and historical characters of great relevance whose capabilities meant a change in different areas.

What do we call creativity?

Before going on to see some examples of creative people and how they have used this creativity, it is advisable to establish first what we can consider that this concept implies.
In a general way, we can consider creativity as the cognitive capacity that allows us to create or generate original and innovative ideas, thoughts or strategies, which differ from the strategies or products existing up to now or available in the medium and that although they can start of fragments of reality and experience differ from the typical procedures that have been used so far or have been learned through experience.

One of the elements on which this capacity is based is lateral thinking, that is, the ability to leave the established or learned throughout life to generate something new and different: to generate possible and viable options even though they are among those given to us beforehand.

This capacity is one of the most relevant and valued at the social level, since it allows the generation of new procedures, products and ways of doing that drive development and allow learning and improvement of the personal and sociocultural situation. In fact, having a high creative capacity is one of the main criteria required to consider that a person has genius traits.

Great examples of creativity

Once the concept of creativity is defined in a generic way, we can now look at a series of eight examples of highly creative people and how they have applied their skills in different areas.

1. Leonardo Da Vinci

Without a doubt, Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the historical figures and considered a genius whose creativity continues to amaze today, can not miss a list that speaks of great examples of creativity. Leonardo Da Vinci stands out in many of the branches of arts and science: painting, sculpture, chemistry, medicine, mathematics and even physics were fields with which he treated and in which he would be considered a genius.

Among many other contributions, we will cite a few: on a technological level, this genius came to develop prototypes of ornithopter, (its known flying machine of similar appearance to the present delta wings) and even of submarines.

At an artistic level, some of his paintings are “La Gioconda” or “La última cena”, and at the medical level, his detailed descriptions and drawings of human anatomy stand out.

All this speaks of a great creativity in multiple domains, something especially meritorious in the era in which he lived.

2. Charles Darwin

An example of historical character that has stood out for its ability to develop and synthesize one of the most relevant theories of the study of life and living beings: the theory of evolution.

Although today this theory is something that we take for granted, at that time it was a challenge to the majority beliefs about how we had appeared in the world, of a mystical-religious nature. Although his was not the only evolutionary theory (for example, Lamarck’s theory is also well known), his development and the studies that this man made are highly creative, original and different from what was mostly accepted by then.

3. Albert Einstein

Another great genius whose work has required a high creativity, Albert Einstein is highly known as one of the brightest physicists of modernity. His studies on the Brownian movement and especially the creation of the theory of relativity were not only brilliant but they supposed a change of paradigm within the world of physics.

4. Nikola Tesla

Another great highly creative genius, Nikola Tesla was an engineer and inventor and his contributions have helped to change the world: only the AC motor (and the Tesla coil) and his theoretical studies linked to the electromagnetic fields have changed the technology that we have today.

He and other great historical figures such as Thomas Edison owe much of the technological advances that led to the Second Industrial Revolution, including the popularization of the use of electric power.

5. Sigmund Freud

Although psychoanalysis is a theoretical current often criticized and object of controversy, it is undoubtedly one of the most creative and original theories of the psyche, and it supposed a revolution thanks to which the science of psychology and psychiatry has advanced to a large degree.

Although his theory is often criticized for not being falsifiable or empirically verifiable, the truth is that it has helped a large number of people throughout history and allowed the emergence of other theoretical currents.

The discovery of the unconscious and the theoretical development of psychic structures, the theories of psychosexual development and the studies on hysteria were completely groundbreaking in their time, as well as their treatment and interest in the sexual sphere and the study of drives and repressions ( It is necessary to remember that he was born in the Victorian era, in which there was a very high sexual repression and especially in regard to female sexuality).

6. Galileo Galilei

Although he had to disdain in order to survive, Galileo Galilei was a man whose thought, although heir to some traditions and thoughts, had the courage and originality to break with Aristotelian theories and propose heliocentrism at a time when said rupture could have meant the execution. In fact he is considered one of the fathers of modern astronomy, and his works were a source of inspiration for the Copernicus Revolution and the development of other great scientific theories.

7. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Perhaps one of the areas where creativity can most be seen is within the arts. One of the most famous musicians of all time, his great creativity and genius were already visible from his earliest childhood and would be throughout his life.

Even in his last years he came to compose great works, despite being seriously ill and having lost popularity. Even the great Beethoven was inspired by him (another great creative genius, who even after losing the audition he continued composing some works of great relevance).

8. Pablo Picasso

The art world also has a lot of highly creative geniuses. Among them we highlight some as Salvador Dalí or Pablo Picasso. The latter was a co-founder of the pictorial style known as cubism, as well as one of the pioneers in the use of collage (together with Braque).