Syntonize, a Consultancy Specialized in Digital Transformation

With its Farm project, it has already promoted dozens of startups


Syntonize was born ten years ago as a technology startup and now wants to help those who start so that this path is not so complex. They do so by contributing their knowledge as an expert consultant in digital transformation, but also with money: they allocate 10% of their turnover to finance new projects. In total, he has already invested a million euros with his Farm project.

Juan Quintanilla, CEO and founder of Syntonize, explains his objectives like this:

“When Syntonize was born, we had a lot of problems in finding who would help us with the creation of the company, who would advise us in a world that was already very competitive and who would solve the We had doubts about our little experience in the business world, “he says. “Therefore, we have decided to create Farm with the objective of helping entrepreneurs like us so that they can focus their efforts on business development and not worry about secondary tasks, although fundamental, that can make them lose focus of success.”

Through Farm, “any entrepreneurial project with a solid base in emerging technologies and innovation can rely on experience and business advice from participation or support from Syntonize. In addition, the startup can count on the synergies that Syntonize proposes based on the know-how of its multidisciplinary team, made up of more than 50 professionals. Once the viable product is fully developed, Syntonize also advises in the next phases of the project’s life “.

It has already helped dozens of projects, including Waybizz, Welever, Lola, Retiplus, Q- Artzo, Airbify, Cityzn, Bookel, Brabbo, Fundera, Runin or