Summer Merchandising, an Effective Tool for your Brand

Choose the right products that best suit customers and reflect the values ​​of the company, fundamental aspects of merchandising.


Merchandising, in the world of marketing, is a commercial technique that serves to make corrections within the framework of the launch of a product, or to study its development once it has been put on the market. However, the general public usually talks about merchandising to refer to advertising products, and this can be used to promote an artist, a group or a brand. They are, using a colloquial and everyday language, the products that someone sells or gives away and talk about their personal or professional brand.

Of advertising articles, especially in regard to modern merchandising, many agencies like Ravanetto know, with a catalog of corporate gifts, fairs and more. As it gathers in its web, recent studies show that the marketing that uses advertising and promotional articles presents a performance superior to the one that is used through the press and other conventional ones, and even to the omnipresent and almighty (apparently) online marketing.

It is a conclusion that is reached with some ease. Conventional marketing has been saturated for some time, but the one that uses the Internet to reach consumers is also less and less effective. Users receive thousands of advertising impacts every day. There are many ads that do not arrive and many others are easily forgotten. Giving an object, on the other hand, is not so busy, and the impact is very high.

It would be necessary to see, yes, the conversion rate, what a company that invests in marketing gets in exchange for making these types of investments, which also do not have to be very high. Agencies such as Ravanetto assure that the Return on Investment, the ROI, has grown a lot in recent years, among other things, due to the drop in the prices of the units.

Why merchandising continues to triumph

Is it really effective for a company to give away personalized fans? Buy wholesale fans to give to your customers and potential customers? This, precisely, is a regular article in promotional marketing campaigns that uses merchandising, but also outside the circle. There are, for example, fans for weddings.

The results tell us yes, as long as the campaign is designed and managed in the right way. Merchandising articles serve, for example, to convey a specific image, which the brand wants. They serve to stand out against the competition, they generate engagement company / client, they advertise. In networking events, they are useful to open links, at the moment or in the future, as well as to strengthen ties of collaboration.

The most important thing is that all this, if it is well focused on the conversion, can serve to increase the sales of the company, creating impact. Or even to build customer loyalty that has built a good image of the brand in his head.

Summer season, good time for a campaign

It is not an absolute rule, it depends on the company that we are talking about. It is not that the data can be extrapolated, but the magazine specialized in hospitality Hosteltur picked up in 2017 that, in summer, the marketing in smartphones generates more conversions. These grow more than 30% in the months of July and August, which has to do with the fact that the use of smart phones grows between 25% and 36% more.

There is more free time, then it is better time for mobile marketing. And, studying the options well, merchandising can take advantage of not only that there is more free time, but that people concentrate on specific places, such as the coast, and that they need accessories specific to the station.

In summer there is more to choose from when it comes to merchandising. Ravanetto, for example, offers personalized hats that can be found from 0.59 euros, in different colors. Among them, are the straw hats that, depending on the design, can be very useful for a client who needs extra protection, and that the company that gives it make it gain visibility of the advertising hats.

The same happens with custom sunglasses, which are even cheaper. From 0.28 euros the unit you can find advertising sunglasses with a modern design and UV protection, whose life can be extended beyond the time of giving the gift. The more quality the customer perceives, the longer the sense of that purchase of glasses at wholesale will last.

How to choose the most appropriate merchandising

For the campaign to succeed, it must be correctly planned. In fact, planning is one of the pillars of marketing in general, do not fit the improvisations when it comes to achieving a specific goal.

You have to select well, first, the type of promotional item. It has to be something useful for customers and potential customers, as we explained when talking about seasonal merchandising. If it is a daily object, of habitual use, better.

Of course, the product must match the type of business, go with its philosophy. The same can also be extended to the place and time at which the campaign will be developed, so that nobody would distribute advertising fans in August in the north of Spain, for example, unless it was good for the development of a very specific campaign.

The profile of the client is another of the parameters to study carefully, because it is what will define the success of the company. Customers are the ones who buy, those who buy the product or the service, so underestimating them or not giving them enough importance is nothing short of arrogant. You have to give something with a minimum of quality.

Besides that the article has to be ascribed to the sector, it must also collect the values ​​of the company, project the image that is wanted to be given. Sunglasses are ideal for the company that wants to transfer a fresh and modern image. In short, it is about letting yourself be advised in order to find what is the best result to give.