Sainsbury Joins the Concept of Supermarkets Without ATMs

The British supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, has launched, in the testing phase, the concept of purchase without ATMs in one of its London establishments.

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In January 2018 Amazon marked a before and after in the retail industry opening the first store without ATMs, under the umbrella of its revolutionary concept “Go”.

Technologically up to the teeth and with an exceptional user experience, the initiative convinced consumers and aroused the envy of competitors. So much so that many have tried to follow in their footsteps by launching similar projects.

The last one to join has been Sainsbury’s. The British supermarket chain has opened, in the test phase, an establishment in London dedicated exclusively to testing a shopping system without ATMs, although quite different from Amazon.

And, while with the system of Jeff Bezos the user simply limits to put the items in a basket and, once finished, leave the premises, automatically making the payment, in the case of Sainsbury’s, it will be necessary to use an app .

As buyers put items in the basket, they must scan them using the mobile application so they can be added to the ticket. Once the selection is finished, they will have to go to a specific area to, through Google Pay or Apple Pay, scan a code to confirm the payment.

In this way, although it saves some time avoiding the queues in the boxes, it seems that Sainsbury’s is halfway to the time to offer an experience like the king of e-commerce.